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Terms & Conditions

Badminton Courts & Table Tennis Terms and Conditions of Use.

✔ The courts, which can be used for badminton or table tennis are open from 5,00 am – 10.00 pm daily, except when it is closed for maintenance or other necessary activity.
✔ There may be situations where the courts may be unavailable due to the hall being used for corporate event.

✔ The use of these courts are subject to the Goldenracquets Centre Terms of Use.
✔ Bookings must be made through the online booking calendar.
✔ Those who are late for their booking by more than 15 minutes will have their booking forfeited.
✔ The use of the facility is at your own risk and you are reminded to take all necessary precautions to avoid injury. A First Aid Kit is available in the reception.
✔ Users should contact security for any assistance related to safety and security during the use of this facility.
✔ Please adhere to all safety notices.
✔ Abuse or misuse of property and equipment is unacceptable and those responsible will be held financially responsible for the damages and losses incurred.
✔ Report any damage to the equipment or court to office immediately
✔ All users must behave appropriately. Users may be asked to leave the premises if their behavior is deemed inappropriate.
✔ No smoking, food and sugary drinks are allowed inside the courts. Carbonated drinks will damage the court surface.
✔ Users are responsible for the cleanliness of the courts. Please ensure that the equipment provided is properly stored away at its respective location and rubbish is thrown into garbage bins provided.
✔ In consideration of other users, players must promptly vacate the courts when their sessions end
✔ No items/equipment are to be removed/ relocated from its actual position in the hall.

✔ Only non-marking, rubber-soled sport shoes should be used inside the hall.
✔ Players must be adequately/ properly attired (e.g. sports jerseys, T-shirts, sports shoes, shorts) when using the facility.
✔ Players not deemed adequately attired will be denied entry/ may be requested to leave the badminton hall immediately.
✔ Please clean your shoes of soil and debris before using the courts.

✔ In the event of any dispute or difference arising as to any matter herein contained or as to the meaning of any of these terms and conditions, a written complaint may be addressed to the GRCA at complaints@goldenracquets.in